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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Personal Break! Slow Bake on Hiatus

Ever have one of those seasons, where everything hits at once - I'm in it!   I actually got so busy they cleared my land!  In Second Life, a few days can make a big difference! 

So between this and that, and my personal work, I'm taking a short break and will be back soon with your SL tunes!  I will scout for new recipes (songs).  I have been waiting for some new artists and albums to debut.

Remember Slow Bake streams on SL Live Radio.   So when I am not live, their stream is always active, 24/7 with the best contemporary mix music from the U.S., U.K., and world.

My show only focuses on SL musicians!  I believe our SL talent needs to be showcased, and for that reason I will be back soon enough.   May flowers brings Slow Bake hour.

If you are new to Slow Bake, browse back through the blog.  See what you have missed, and what will be back soon, but only better.  We only get better.  :)

Belinda, my hostess, says hello, and look for her digital art on Facebook!

Kara, our favorite SL blogger, keeps you updated.   Check out her SL Adventures!

Peace out!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

It Starts Again!

Renewal!  Shake off the Winter Blues!   Spring is Monday.  Today's theme is Be Happy as we welcome baby birds, blue skies, and butterflies into our world again!

Slow Bake Hostess 'Belinda'

Harry Frychester, Effinjay, Josie Anderton, James Olmos (AE), TerryLynn Melody, SaraMarie Philly, Strum Diesel, and so many more.  Finding the 'happy' in all these SL musicians and many others too numerous to mention.  If you listen weekly, you know, I have collected quite a few songs, and now I am sorting them out via happy themes (well it's worth a spring try)!   See you on the happy side of the rainbow!

Soni's back at Mad City in the SL Live Radio headquarters, broadcasting globally across the virtual horizon, the music of your favorite singers and bands on Slow Bake!

Slow Bake airs every (nearly) Sunday, noon to 2PM SLT, with my host Belinda Barnes and good friend entertainment blogger Kara Trapdoor.

Kara, Soni & Bel, Mad City Bus Stop!

Listen in a multitude of ways!

I really need to add some Spring color into my wardrobe!

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Extra Extra! Belinda's digital art is being exhibited at Nimue Photography.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Where's Mr. GreenLuck?

Beautiful day to find a leprechaun!  I am on a search this week for that pot of gold to upgrade my computer and attitude!  I am on a mission, and will tell you how it worked out next week!   So NO SLOW BAKE radio show this Sunday!   Plenty of SL musicians waiting to entertain you on the grid!

Exhausted!   Where's the Gold?
Back Next Week!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Closer to Spring, When the Lovely Mimi Performs

Today at noon, at Key West, Mimi Carpenter performs live, solo, and, you can be assured, beautifully.  She is a long-time SLer, and occasionally performs with Max Kleene - and that too is a special treat!  She is a seasoned singer, who acoustically charms the world with her talent and personality.   Her show starts when mine does (Slow Bake), and although I cannot broadcast her in real time on my radio stream (SL Live Radio), I plan on hanging out there, and listening, while keeping my radio stream going with ALL your SL favorites including Mimi.  Yep, another radio remote, but you don't have to keep it remote, join me for Mimi at noon!   Saintess Larnia follows her on the Key West stage.

Photos of Mimi from today's show!

Mimi was followed by the equally impressive Saintess Larnia.  I caught a couple of pics of her...

Catch you around the grid for more live music....

SL Music is Out of This World!  
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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Radio Remote from Mad Pea's International Food Fair

Slow Bake will be a RADIO ONLY show today, streaming Second Live music as usual from SL Live Radio, Sundays noon to 2pm PST/SLT - but with cut-ins from today's early afternoon line-up from MadPea's Food Fair.   Proceeds for Feed A Smile!

Your choice - listen on the radio - or join us at the fair!

The Fair,

More info,

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See on the radio!

DJ Sonicity and Belinda, your host!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

SL Musicians - You're The President Day!

SL Singer Agatha Nowles, Sunday, Feb. 19th

Dear Slow Bake Listeners,

In the U.S., Monday is Presidents' Day, the day that honors the leaders of America's past.  I began thinking, to refrain from being political, let's honor the concept of leadership in general, and how it intersects with music  - and then I thought, well leaders SHOULD be inspirational.  Hmm, so what songs inspire us in life?   I'm taking the long way around to develop a theme for today's show!

What SL Musicians inspire us through their message, life and being at the forefront of this other world - a newly emerging world that we have had the honor to experience for more than a decade already?   We have been part of the future, as it is unfolding now.  Everyone is talking about what we have been living - virtual reality - and we have developed communities, and for me it is the virtual music community.

I have learned so much from the musicians of Second Life, their messages and sense of adventure, as well as their generosity with their time to give to a variety of not-for-profit causes.

So today, my friends, we honor the musicians of Second Life, especially those who have led via message and creativity in Second Life to create a wonderful community of conversation and dialogue on significant issues expressed through music.

That's the theme today!   By the way, today's show is a RADIO Only show.   Mad Pea is having a special series of concerts featuring SL Musicians - many of whom I play on SLOW BAKE this Sunday. So I ask that you support them in this good cause, the Mad Pea International Food Fair with proceeds going to Feed A Smile!

Concert Stage

Inspiration through Leadership - specifically dedicated to those who inspire through music and message in creative and adventuresome ways!

Here's to creativity!    No votes needed for this show!  They are all presidential! 


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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Celebrate Love in the Virtual! Special Coloring Pages Edition!


Love Songs (and not so love songs) today!   You might say the many shades of red!  Sonicity celebrates love and heartbreak today on Slow Bake, noon to 2pm, on SL Live Radio @ Mad City.  Plus a couple of coloring pages for your extra entertainment!  All the fun - none of the mess!   
Some of the best songs are those sad sullen (please commiserate with me) and angry break-up, revenge songs!  Revenge is a different shade of red, I guess.  

Color me!

Color me!

Always Open, But Slow Baking only Sundays noon to 2pm on SL Live Radio!

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